The Tariri

Your stay will take place in family environment where we can share, with exclusivity, the wealth of the place and the perfect knowledge of the region. We will grant your trip an international level of service, welfare and quality that is the motto of our family. The big goal and determination of our project is strongly linked to education, learning and discovery. Unique and intense experiences, considering your short stay in the Amazon.

About Us

Germano and Fabiola are the hosts who work with dedication to their guests have a great service. They work for the guests bring with them the feeling of a memorable travel in the Amazon Jungle.

  • Fabíola Carrazzone

    // Uma excelente Chefe de cozinha que cuida pessoalmente de todas as refeições. Seu cardápio é variado e delicioso! Perfeito!

    // An excellent Chef who personally takes care of all meals. Their menu is varied and delicious! Perfect!

  • Germano Alvarado

    // Um apaixonado pela natureza e um ativista pela sua preservação. Um Guia de Selva bastante experiente, que transmite seus conhecimentos e vivências sobre a Amazônia.

    // A passion for nature and an activist for its preservation. A very experienced jungle guide, who teaches his knowledge about the Amazon.


The hotel Tariri Amazon Lodge is located on Lake Acajatuba at Negro River, 70 km from Manaus. Here are the most diverse ecosystems and landscapes of lush Amazon jungle, igapos, land and beaches. You can enjoy a real ecotouristic adventure in the jungle.

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