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Pode trazer criança para o Tariri? Claro que pode. Muitas famílias já passaram por aqui e estamos ansiosos para conhecer as próximas. Os pequenos se divertem bastante e será uma experiência que eles jamais terão igual.

“Our experience at the Tariri Amazon Lodge was indescribable. After spending 5 days in Rio, Tariri was a great way to escape the everyday business of life. As a family that always has something going on, the Tariri Amazon Lodge helped us relax and fully embrace the beauty of the Amazon rainforest. Everyday, we would wake up to the sound of the birds singing and would head to the dining hall for a beautifully prepared breakfast, which included a variety of different tropical fruits. After enjoying our meal, we would get ready for the 1st adventure of the day. The activities included a walk in the jungle, taking a trip to the beach and canoeing on the river. After the morning activity, there is a well-awaited lunch with even more delicious food. The afternoon activity consists of one of the ones above or you can pay extra for some other activities, such as, swimming with dolphins, visiting a local families home, and piranha fishing. Following the activity is another tasty meal filled with many different Amazonian delicacies. The sleep that comes after a long, but adventure filled day is amazing the peaceful sound of the jungle adds to it. The Tariri Amazon Lodge was paradise for us. The monkeys and birds are a beautiful touch to the experience. The Lodge is home to four different monkey each orphans, who were lovingly taken in, four rainbow-colored macaws, and many small birds. There was also a crazy, but amazing toucan that loved to play with anyone’s shoes. The monkeys loved to be cuddled and the children would always have a monkey in their hands. Many do the birds had no problem with climbing on people’s arms or to have their picture taken. The people at the Tariri Amazon Lodge really made you feel at home. Their love for the lodge was like no other and after a day or so, it began to rub off on you. Fabiola and Germano were very loving and made sure that everyday at the lodge was perfect. The lodge is family-owned, and throughout the stay they make you feel as if you are a part of the family. Our stay at the Tariri Amazon Lodge was beyond amazing, it was truly indescribable.”

Washington DC

Obrigada!! Vocês serão sempre bem vindos ao nosso lodge. 🙂

Toda vez ficamos muito felizes e emocionados com os depoimentos dos hóspedes, com este não seria diferente. Um casal muito gente boa que veio passar uns dias aqui no lodge e mandou essas palavras lindas pra gente:

“If you are undecided between choosing Tariri and a more luxurious option (although a limited few) to stay deep in the Amazon forest, I would say go for Tariri, you will not regret it. Tariri gives you the quintessentially rustic experience of staying close to the heart of the forest and the river, such that you are never really cut-off from the real experience.

It is as comfortable as you could possibly expect so deep inside the forest, with all necessary amenities as to not deprive you of anything (except of course the mobile and internet connections, lack of which I consider a boon in disguise). And yes…GREAT FOOD…with the freshest river water fishes and vegetables…

The review wouldn’t be complete if I don’t speak of the people who run it. Germano and Alvaro and their staff. You are given that welcome and homely feel all through your stay. Starting right from when you step in to Tariri (be prepared to be played along by the few domesticated Amazonian monkeys then) to the many excursions / activities and finally to the food…be prepared to get a very personal attention all the while. I was really humbled.

Thanks for making our stay that wonderful 🙂

Zurique, Suíça

Nós que agradecemos por conhecer pessoas como vocês. Obrigada! 🙂